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At Balaji Mariline our documentation services  is aimed at simplifying your entire process and enable the choice of a paperless workflow or hard copy distribution which improves the process, accuracy, and speed of the Documentation process.  Our specialization include

  1. Preparing/checking documentation for warehousing bonding consolidation and distribution.
  2. Providing pre and post shipment services including guidance on Export and Import regulations, development of shipping schedule, negotiation of freight rates, follow-up and liaison with various agencies for permissions and authorisations duty drawback/refunds, co-ordination and tracking of consignments for freight movement control till final delivery.
  3. Providing manpower and handling equipment such as cranes, forklifts, trailers. Etc…

Turnkey Solutions

Balaji Mariline offers door-to-door turnkey services to manage all phases of large-scale projects from conception to completion.  We have special expertise in the shipping of goods that require special treatment and carry out many individual projects. Our wide Range of Services include

  • Planning of the project together with supplier.
  • Working out study reports of project sites worldwide.
  • Providing overall transportation budgets.
  • Establishing the logistics of transportation overall.
  • Issuing packing/shipping instructions to subcontractors.
  • Tracing and expediting shipments worldwide.
  • Nominating vessels/aircrafts and booking cargo with ocean/air carriers.
  • Supervision of loading and discharge in ports of call in associations with our partners worldwide.
  • Delivery from destination port to job site.

We provide project shipping and global forwarding services through a network of national/international agents. We make a point of simplifying our project solutions, finding the direct way, and making things as easy as possible for the customer. The project department of Balaji Mariline is equipped with highly qualified and experienced specialists within all aspects of project transportation in all parts of the world, offers global door-to-door turnkey services.


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