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Balaji Mariline, founded in 1989 as a Custom Broker (then known as Custom House Agent), nurtured dreams and with focused efforts, is today an International Freight Forwarder, Custom Broker, Logistics Consultants servicing the entire gamut of International Freight Forwarding and also servicing the Indian and foreign exporters and Importers.

Today, Balaji Mariline has emerged as a name to reckon within this industry and the service it offers across the industry has set high standards. Balaji Mariline has strategically established operations across India covering many important cities and all the metro centers.

With a corporate office at Noida, NCR of Delhi, we have a full-fledged regional office at Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and offices at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ludhiana, and Jalandhar. Also have associates in Kolkata, Mundra, Ahmedabad, Pune, and other major ICDs. Have a tie-up across India with reputed custom brokers
International freight Forwarding is successfully handled through agents across the world and with a network in more than 100 countries, moving the cargo across the globe is an easy task.


Having achieved expertise in Logistics, the Company turned its attention to new pastures. The government of India introduced the path-breaking shift in Indirect Taxation and implemented GST. The GSTN invited applications for GSP (GST SUVIDHA PROVIDERS) and the essential service of these agencies was to provide a pathway for filing of various returns prescribed by GSTN. Your Company was granted the right to create and implement GSP and now have developed the necessary software.

GSP software is being offered to ASPs and various taxpayers

The users, after registration in the portal, will be redirected to procure APIs for integration with their systems

EWAY BILL – Eway bill has been made compulsory for the movement of goods interstate and also for movement within the state beyond a threshold value by different states. To enable ease of operations, software to obtain EWAY bill has been developed and is being offered to users


Details of the regulations can be found in

The shipping Lines, consol agents, large freight forwarders who facilitate import and Export of Cargo need to file prior information with Customs regarding the movement of goods, and software to integrate the forwarder, shipping line Consol Agent and all other stakeholders has been developed. The procedure for registration in our website and further action is enumerated in the SERVICES section


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